These experiencial workshops develop new skills that directly improve relationships and life quality

Mind the Mind

The root of all problems and limitations

This is our landmark workshop; the foundation for all of our other workshops.

We’ll go back to basics and explore the nature of the mind, which is our center of command. Every single human experience is processed in the brain. What we actually perceive, understand, feel, believe, care for and ultimately do, takes place there. So happiness and success are determined by how we use our minds.

You will discover how all of our potential, but also our problems and limitations, depend on what we pay attention to, our interpretations and our actions. You’ll learn the interconnection between body, thoughts and emotions. All of this will allow you to stop creating problems for yourself and widen your perception of the world and your life.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding emotions and using them to grow

Emotions are usually misunderstood. People try to avoid them, but emotions are a natural mechanism we were born with; a gift from evolution that could easily become our best ally in our personal growth and wellbeing.

They can propel us to do great things, but they can also paralyze us and limit our rational thinking, which incapacitates us to think clearly and make good decisions.

You’ll learn to understand emotions and their role, to put things in perspective and manage the inner processes that creates them.

Social Intelligence

Learning the skills to manage relationships effectively and responsibly

Our relationships have the potential to makes us happier that anything else, but they can be an important cause of unhappiness too. Most relationship problems are due to lack of social skills, which make us act ineffectively.

You’ll learn powerful models of communication, understanding the consequences of your actions -as well as your inaction. You’ll learn to know people much more deeply, understanding their motivations and needs. You’ll also learn the mental skills to see relationship problems from different perspectives, which will give you all the information you need to fix most problems and build the foundations of a more constructive, positive relationship.

Beyond Stress

Cutting stress from the root

Stress affects our ability to think rationally, debilitate our immune system and affect our overall health. It is responsible for most of the common health problems people have nowadays.

Most our stressors are not real dangers but perceived dangers. There is no possible real harm, but the mind doesn’t care, because it’s a matter of beliefs. So managing stress is usually about managing the way we think about our circumstances, more than about changing the circumstances.

You’ll learn to make changes in a higher neurological level than where the problem is, therefore solving the problem from the root. As Einstein once said: You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. And you’ll learn simple techniques to control the nervous system and reverse stress symptoms.

The Science of Happiness

Challenging all we knew about happiness

Research shows that our circumstances -things like a high income, a bigger home and even beauty- only account for 10% of what really makes us happy. Science has finally proven that the key for happiness resides in the actual things we do and the way we use our mind.

You’ll learn the reason why happiness is so elusive. You’ll also learn proven happiness strategies and how to apply them to your life.

The Power of Breath

Our secret tool for taming the nervous system

We can live roughly 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without air.

Breathing is critical, not only for our survival but also for our wellbeing: the nervous system influences our breath, but through our breath we can influence the nervous system and therefore our physical, mental and emotional states.

You’ll learn about the relation between breath and the nervous system. And you’ll learn different breathing techniques for when you need to relax, to balance and to get more active.

The Art of Relaxation

Taking relaxation to the next level

We all have some ideas on how to relax. But relaxation can happen at different levels and in different degrees.

You can now learn a systematic approach, which will allow you to voluntarily achieve deeper and deeper states of relaxation, physically, mentally and emotionally. You will learn how to induce these states whenever you need them.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Being the master of your own mind

Study after study have proven the powerful effects of mindfulness and meditation. These are methodologies dating back thousand of years, designed to purify the mind and open new levels of awareness.

This is important because the quality of our awareness will directly affect how we see, interpret and interact with the world.

You’ll learn the fundamental pieces of meditation, so you can do it whenever you please. You’ll also learn how to incorporate a mindful awareness to your daily life, which will improve your overall level of satisfaction and quality of life.

Other Topics

Such as:

  • Effective goal setting
  • Planning skills
  • Time management
  • And more

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