Terms and Conditions

For corporate clients

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual agreement between Happiness Coaching Studio and the Client, who agrees to be bound by this agreement. The issuance of a purchase order by the Client assumes the knowledge of -and the agreement with- these terms and conditions. 



In this agreement, the following expressions and words shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

  • The Company: It refers to Happiness Coaching Studio.
  • The Client: It refers to the legal entity that hires – and pays for- one or more of the services provided by the Company.
  • The Coachee: It refers to the Client’s employee subject to the Coaching services.
  • The Coach: It refers to the coaching professional from the Company that performs the services hired by the Client.
  • The Coaching: the professional relationship between the Coach and the Coachee.

Nature of services

1. Coaching

Usually, the Client approaches the Company when the performance, behavior and/or attitude of one or more of their employees is not optimal or in line with the Client’s values, culture or goals. This situation usually impacts negatively the performance, moods and/or wellbeing of another employee, a team or the organization as a whole, either directly or indirectly.

Though the Coaching may vary based on the Coachee’s needs and progression, the nature of the Coaching shall generally encompass the following:

  • Weekly meetings, lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hours apiece, either in person at the agreed location, over the telephone or online video-conference, according to the Coachee’s preferences informed at the moment of booking each appointment in the booking form at www.HappinessCoachingStudio.com.

These meetings shall take place either:

  • For a specific number of sessions agreed upon in advance with the Client and fixed through a purchase order, or
  • For as long as the Coachee needs the Coaching to achieve the agreed objectives, based on an open contract. 
  • Other modalities can be arranged based on the Clint’s needs and circumstances.


2. Other services

The Client might choose to hire the Company to perform other services different than coaching, like workshops or trainings. To know the scope and details of each of these, please refer to each service’s page in our website.


Requirements for the Coachee

For Coaching services hired by the Client, each Coachee must read -and agree with- the Terms and Conditions for Individuals.

Prior to the first meeting between the Coach and the Coachee, he/she shall complete some online questionnaires, which allows the Coach to know the Coachee better and be better prepared to provide the Coaching in a more personalized way. This will also save precious time during the meeting, which will allow the Coachee to use this time in the most productive way possible. 

Once the Coaching relationship started, before every new meeting, the Coachee shall complete a brief preparation form which shall act as a road map for the discussion; this will also save precious time during the meeting and increase its productivity. This preparation form will be sent as a link in an email reminder that is automatically sent the day before the appointment.


Cancellation or changes in appointments

Should an unforeseen event require cancellation of a Coaching session by the Coachee, the cancellation must take place at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled time the session is set to begin, otherwise the appointment shall be deemed forfeited and shall not be subject to a refund. The same applies if the appointment does not take place because of an error with the Coachee’s equipment (e.g., computer, telephone, etc).

Instructions to make changes or to cancel appointments are detailed in the Terms and Conditions for Individuals.



Sessions normaly take place virtually through Zoom video-conference systems. Eventually, the Coach and Coachee can agree to meet in person in one of our 2 locations in Amsterdam or in Hilversum, the Netherlands, if the coach thinks it’s important for the success of a specific coaching topic.


Acknowledgements and agreements

The Client understands, acknowledges, and agrees to the following regarding the Coaching:

  • The Coaching is designed to help mentally and physically healthy people. Any person with a serious mental or physical issue should seek the advice of a doctor or psychiatrist.
  • This type of Coaching is not therapy – to reiterate the previous point, the Coachee should seek the advice of a doctor or psychiatrist if his or her condition dictates.
  • The Coach may refer the Coachee to other professionals if, in the Coach’s best judgment, it will be beneficial toward the Coachee’s success and growth.
  • Success is heavily dependent on the Coachee committing to and following the program laid out by the Coach. Coaching services like those contemplated in this Agreement are only effective if the Coachee is motivated and committed. The Coachee benefits best from an honest relationship with the Coach. Cooperation and an open mind are paramount to the Coachee’s success.
  • The Coach’s expertise is limited to the nature of the Coaching. The Coach is not qualified to give the Coachee any business, financial, or other advice.
  • The Client understands the nature of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”).
  • Should the Coachee choose to alter or cease any treatments, therapy, or medication, he or she should do so solely at the advice of the professional administering such treatments, therapy, or medication. Coaching is not designed to act as a replacement for such things.
  • The Coach may elect to record Coaching sessions with the informed consent of the Coachee, unless otherwise stated by the Client.
  • The Coach shall always act with only the Coachee’s best interests in mind. The party paying for the Coachee’s Coaching expenses shall have no bearing on the judgment of the Coach in performing services and the Coach shall be obligated to nobody except for the Coachee.
  • The information gathered from the Coachee during Coaching will remain confidential, unless otherwise required by law, by official authorities or under the express consent of the Coachee.


Representations and warranties

The Company represents and warrants the following with regard to the Coaching:


  • The Coach is committed to offering the Coaching to the best of his/her knowledge and with the utmost integrity.
  • The Coach shall offer the Coaching to the best of his/her ability, based on the information provided by the Client and the Coachee.
  • The Coach shall abide by the associated Confidentiality terms expressed in this page.
  • Should the Coach feel that coaching tools outside the scope of NLP be beneficial for use with the Coachee, the Coach may introduce those tools only with the approval of the Coachee.
  • The Coach shall take any reasonable methods to ensure the protection of any audio, video, or written notes. Measures to protect such information may include physical locks or password protection on digital files.


Release of liability

The Client releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to take any form of legal action against the Company or any of its Coaches, in connection with any cause of action stemming from the Coaching -or any other services-, should such an event occur during or after said services as a direct or indirect cause of either the Coach or any other third party’s actions. This limitation does not release neither the Coach nor the Company from any cause of action stemming from their negligence or intentional tort.



“Confidential Information” means information which relates to either the Client, the Coachee or any other party, which has been disclosed to the Coach or the Company during the course of the Coaching services offered by the Company.

The company shall not use or disclose, directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information during the period in which the coaching services are in progress and indefinitely thereafter.

The above will not be deemed to prohibit any disclosure that is either agreed in writing by the Client or Coachee, or required by law or court order, provided that the Company has not intentionally taken actions to trigger such required disclosure and, so long as not prohibited by any applicable law or regulation, the Client/Coachee is given reasonable prior notice and an opportunity to contest or minimize such disclosure.

The Client agrees to never disclose, copy or profit from any information, images, tools, ideas and documents, provided by the Company, either directly or indirectly. Such information shall only be used for personal development and wellbeing.

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