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Overcoming Fears, Phobias and Significant Emotional Events

“The fears we don’t face become our limits.”

Robin Sharma

Sometimes we have fears that don’t seem to have a big impact in our lives, but they usually really do. If you are afraid of spiders for instance, you have probably developed habits and learned strategies to avoid encountering a spider. This limits the amount of activities you would choose to do and therefore limiting your chances of participating in happy experiences that create joy and good memories.

Sometimes we experience significant emotional events and every time we remember them, powerful emotions take over and limit us.  This not only keep us from being happy but it also incapacitates us to do something to fix the problem. So we keep accumulating events that shape our personality, our future choices and the way we perceive life; but we really always have the mental tools to really understand the situation, learn from it and discover what to do to solve it.

Emotions are always the result of what we think about, the way we think about it and the physical attitude we adopt when thinking about it.

Intensive limiting emotions, such as phobias, and significant emotional events, they both show that we have an irrationally exaggerated internal representation in our minds, to the point that it generates an exaggerated emotional response.

We solve these by reprogramming the way you think about what is causing your the fear or phobia, or any other powerful limiting emotion for that matter, teaching your mind to react in more resourceful ways.

The problem: One of our clients had a phobia to deep waters (even swiming pools). Everytime she was near a swiming pool or at the beach, while everyone else was enjoying the water, she would avoid it. In a swiming pool she would only enter the shallow part and stay there touching the edge of the pool to make sure nothing would happen. This problem limited her for more than 25 years!

The solution: We found out she had a near-death experience when she was very young and we recoded the way she stored that memory in her mind. We then showed her brain how normal and safe if can be to swim as long as you take some rational and normal precausions. We finally programmed her brain to feel in a specific way when being in the water.

The result: Inmediatly after the session, she went and tried swimming in a swimming pool, and so she did. For the first time in 25 years se was floating in the deep part of the swiming pool, whitout holding onto anything and enjoying the wonderful feeling of freedom and relaxation it produces. A couple of months later she went diving with her husband in the deep ocean, with no emotional response whatsoever, allowing herself to discover the wonders of the underwater world and creating life-long family memories she can now come back to and feel proud about.

I used to have a phobia to frogs, it really freaked me out! We quickly found and altered the childhood memory that trigered it. I’m now able to look at frogs, get close to them and even touch them.

Coaching by Juan can help everyone take control over their thinking and behaviour, making your life easier, happier and healthier. He even managed to help a sceptic like me!

Aline Schraner


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