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Obstacle Removing

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”


Henry Ford got it right when he said that “obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal”.

Some obstacles are out there, like not having enough money to take an important step towards your goal or having a boss that is sabotaging your plans to get a promotion. But the harder obstacles are the ones inside us, because their power lies on their invisibility and subtleness. We can’t change what we can’t see, and we can’t solve what we don’t see as a problem.

We all have obstacles in the road towards our goals, but foreseeing them and addressing them beforehand will allow you to tackle them and get there.

This is one of the things that truly set us apart from other coaches and therapists.

Most times, what you consider to be the obstacle, is only a byproduct of something we are doing (or not doing). So whenever you have an obstacle, before any goal setting or planning, we make sure we understand the type of obstacle we are dealing with. Doing this right, it is much easier, faster and responsible than just going ahead and trying to remove the obstacle in the first way you can think of. You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble.

If the obstacle is external, we will understand its nature and then proceed to make a clear plan to overcome it. But if the obstacle is internal (e.g. lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors or lack of perspective), NLP provides the tools to make the changes needed, opening a big range of opportunities to feel, think, act and react in the way you need to.

We want to use an example that involves Happiness Coaching Studio’s founder. We think it’s fair to the clients that so generously agreed to share their stories, but also it shows that everyone, without exception, is subject to self-limiting thinking.

The problem: Long before opening Happiness Coaching Studio, he was sure coaching and helping people was what he wanted to do for good. But having a good job and a good salary makes these decisions more difficult, since there is a lot to loose. This fear paralyzes most people and keeps them from making the changes they need to make to live a more authentic life, one they can feel proud of and make them happy.

The solution: To solve this obstacle in particular, he set a specific amount of money he would save before making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. This amount was such that it would make him feel like there are no more excuses, no more mental sabotage. He also created a clear plan to make that happen as soon as possible and worked with passion to make it happen.

The result: Sooner than expected, he accomplished to save what he wanted and made the transition he was so eager to make. Now he spends his time working with people to help them make the changes they need, to live authentic and happy lives.

Changing countries and adapting to new costumes affected me professionally. But we worked on my insecurities, by changing my way of thinking and confronting difficult situations.

I now feel more at ease and more confident, without that void in my stomach every morning. I can better demonstrate my professionalism and excel at work. I even sleep better!

Elizabeth Ospina


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