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Changing Negative Emotions

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”


Emotions are usually misunderstood. People try to avoid negative emotions or even silence them. But emotions are a natural mechanism we were born with; a gift from evolution that could easily become our best ally if we knew their purpose and learn to “listen” to them.

Emotions are like messengers; information agents that tell us what is happening inside and outside us. They are our body’s way to tell us something is not right, to be careful of potential danger and whether we should change our thoughts and actions. If we avoid or quiet our emotions, we are only killing the messenger and not really paying attention to the real problem; we are not listening.

Powerful emotions can propel us to do great things, but they can also just as easily paralyze  us and limit our rational thinking, which incapacitates us to think clearly and make good decisions.

Emotions are always the result of what we think about, the way we think about it and the physical attitude we adopt when thinking about it. If we change one of them, the emotion will undoubtedly change.

We start by helping you find out what the emotion has to tell you: the emotion’s positive intention.

Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding; a wrong interpretation. By changing the way you look at the problem, we solve what’s causing the emotion.

Other times the emotion is pointing out a real problem. Then we address it and help you design an ecological solution that will stop the problem and avoid future suffering, allowing you to live with more freedom and satisfaction.

If the emotion is so strong that is limiting you, we teach you the skills to immediately lower its intensity, so that you can think more clearly and take action.

The problem: One of our clients had an anxiety problem. She was about to face a major life transition and felt anxiety many times per day.

The solution: We found out she was using her mind in a very limited way when thinking of the situation, leaving space for negative thoughts of what could go wrong. We then looked for differences in the way she thought about other contexts in the future to which she did not feel anxiety. We finally taught her how to apply her own succesfull mental strategies into this new context of uncertainty.

The result: Inmediatly the anxiety was vanished and replaced by feelings of exitement, motivation and joy about her future life situation that was comming.

I felt nummed about some feelings I couldn’t explain to myself and I couldn’t figure out what the actual problem was.In the most beautiful way Juan guided me trough a magical process of self-realization. He gave me safety when I was most vulnerable. It was a great experience.

Juan has a very beautiful way to see people and shows so much respect for them and their feelings.



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