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Learning from Past Limiting Decisions and Difficult Events

“Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Jorge Santayana

The past is gone, we cannot change it. But the past lives on in our minds; we carry it within us, so we sure can change the way we see the past and the conclusions we take from it. This way, we allow ourselves to change our present and the future, through our now wiser actions and decisions.

Our memories about the past are no more than electric impulses in our mind; neurologic activity we own and have the opportunity to change as we please. A skillful NLP Master Practitioner can help you do so, allowing you to be free from the past, learn from it and make changes that will change your personal history.

We sometimes make decisions that end up being negative for us, like dating the same type of problematic person over and over or saying something to someone when you should have kept your mouth shut. We keep making these mistakes even though we know we shouldn’t. Even though we can think logically about it, the pattern is strongly created in our minds.

By revisiting the memory of the moment you make those decisions, you can teach yourself in the past the new wisdom you took from those decisions. This way we help you alter the neurological patterns that make you act in a certain way so that you don’t repeat them in the future. We can also program you to act in the way you prefer when life puts you in those same situations.

Other times we just don’t know how to act, and we can help you learn from memories of your past (or other’s pasts) so that you can make better decisions today; informed decisions instead of limiting ones.

The problem: One of our clients once was angry with herself because she kept dating the wrong kind of man, and every time she ended up being hurt. She knew this very well, but she was a victim of a pattern she couldn’t control. Even though she had all the “warning signs” in time to make the right decision, she just kept investing in those relationships.

The solution: Using NLP, we guided her in a powerful process of dissolving the negative pattern, so that she wouldn’t fall pray of it again. Then we helped her program more resourceful, adequate behaviors for when she had to make a choice.   

The result: She was now able to feel better about herself, going from self-anger to self-compassion and forgiveness. She was also more confident on her new ability to make the right choices when the time comes.

At first I wasn’t sure I needed the help, but working with Juan I realized how much I was missing out due to the walls I had put up and the mourning I was going through. He let me set the pace, held me accountable of the promises I made with myself and made me feel completely safe at all times.

Eileene Warren

United States

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