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Ending Procrastination

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted…”

Paulo Coelho

Procrastination is avoiding doing something important. Is doing pleasurable things instead of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones. The problem is that sooner than later the cost of procrastination becomes greater than its benefits.

It is a bad habit, and overcoming it not only gives us more time but also peace of mind, satisfaction and a sense of pride.

Procrastination happens basically due to a lack of motivation, meaning that you don’t have a good enough reason to do it. And since it ends up affecting you, it is indeed a limiting behavior. We encourage you to read our page on limiting patterns here.

We usually approach procrastination first by making you aware and uncomfortable about the consequences of not acting; it’s like lighting a fire beneath you, which makes it very desirable to move away from it. We then help you create a more compelling and attractive image of how it would be like to finish the task, using your own mental strategies you naturally use to motivate yourself. We finally connect the idea of doing the task with your core values, letting you see how doing the task could be very positive for you. All of this will create enough motivation to put you in action.

The problem: A man was receiving complaints from his wife about all the ways he was not being helpful at home. He didn’t want his wife to feel that way and he didn’t want to argue with her, but he just wasn’t able to do what he knew he should. He kept postponing things untill it was too late, untill she arrived home and the story repeated itself.

The solution: We focused on the task that would have the biggest impact, the one that would make his wife happiest: She would have appreciated him cleaning the house a little before she arrived. We helped him set triggers in his house to remind him of doing it, but we also programmed his mind to immediately want to clean.

The result:  From the very first day after the change work, the new programming started working and he cleaned the house with motivation, almost every day. That had a great impact on his relationship, since his wife interpreted that as an act of love and consideration towards her.

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