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Improving Relationships

“The most important external factors affecting individual happiness are human relationships.”

Richard Layard

Our relationships have the potential to makes us happier that anything else. But if not cultivated and nourished, they can be an important cause of unhappiness too.

They are there to make us grow, to support and challenge us, but most of us maintain relationships that are far from that. When someone you meet makes you feel not so good more than 30% of the times, you have the right -and the responsibility- to evaluate that relationship and ask for change, or even end it. It is about your own mental health and your wellbeing.

But many people just dismiss relationships because they are not perfect, as if there was such a think as perfection. They forget and underestimate their own role in the relationship and their power to improve it. Of course, relationships are one of the most difficult things to manage, but with the right skills we have the capacity to improve them and nourish the environment we need to grow supported and happy.

Having positive, constructive relationships requires time and care; just like growing plants, we need to nourish and cultivate our relationships. But most of our relationship problems are due to our lack of social skills, which make us act in ways that destroy relationships.

We teach our clients basic models of communication that allow them to understand the consequences of their actions -as well as their inaction. They learn to know people much deeply, beyond their possessions and behaviors, which allows them to know their motivations and their needs, being able to connect on a much deeper level.

They also learn the mental skills to see relationship problems from different perspectives, which gives them all the information they need to fix most problems and build the foundations of a more constructive, positive relationship.

The problem: This client was emotionally distanced with her mother for many years, keeping feelings of hatred and deep sadness for how her mother’s decisions affected her and her relationship with other family members.

The solution: Using the brain’s natural capacities to adopt different perspectives regarding time, space and people, she was able for the first time in her life to assess her life story in a complete different way, which gave her the possibility to understand her mother better and see her own responsibility in the problem. She then learned new communications skills to be able to confront her mother and solve their problems. And so she did.

The result: Today, she has a better relationship with her mother and she is helping the other family members understand and heal. She does not feel the hatred toward her mother anymore.

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