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It’s just life changing! The changes are so fast… I didn’t believe this was possible.
Dewi – The Netherlands

We had only a few sessions, but they definitely changed my life.. I am in control now!
Leticia – Brazil

In a few hours, my problem changed completely. All the stress was gone.
Immaculada – Spain

Is all coaching effective?

This is a very common question among people who are considering starting a coaching relationship. The answer is no; there are many methodologies.

Conventional coaching, or coaching with a small “c”, is probably 90% of the coaching that’s out there. Even though it is great in many ways and does help many people with many needs, it is only effective in specific scenarios where change can be achieved through behavior. That means that you can change by doing something different from what you’ve been doing.

Aside from the fact that this usually takes longer, the problem is that the reason why changing or achieving a goal is so difficult is because the limitation lies very deep inside our own minds. At the level of values, beliefs, identity and spirituality, there is little that the rational mind can do to change. 


NLP, allowing for faster and more effective change

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a pragmatic school of thought, with the main purpose of making explicit models of human excellence by understanding the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior. It has brought great benefits in many areas like sales, leadership, management, medicine, and therapy, to name a few.

NLP complements coaching in many great ways, especially through the concept of Neurological Levels, or Logical Levels, which turns coaching with small “c” into Coaching with capital “C”. This means that I will be able to help you change in all levels of human experience, more effectively and faster than a conventional coach or therapist. 

Neurological Levels

Every single human experience is processed in the brain, our center of command. What we actually perceive, understand, feel, believe, care for and ultimately do, take place in our minds: a complex system with near a 100 billion neurons that start in the brain but then extend to each corner of our bodies in the form of nerves.

Our brain structure, language, and social systems form natural hierarchies or levels of processes. The higher the level, the bigger the influence over the ones below. So when you can’t change something, it is necessary to make a change at a higher logical level. This is when a Coach with capital “C” enters the picture.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

In a few sessions with Juan we completely cured my 25+ years phobia of swiming on deep water! 
Jana Al Rayes – Dubai

I had a phobia to frogs, I’m now able to look at them, get close to them and even touch them.
Aline – Switzerland

In a few sessions he accomplished what my psychologists couldn’t accomplish in years.
Camila – Chile


At the most basic level, Coaching deals with the environment in which we interact. It’s the when, where and with whom we operate in life. Relationship problems, lack of material resources such as money, housing, a physical impediment or ailment are all examples of this level.  To change something here, we need to do something, which is the next level in the hierarchy: Behavior. The question is…What exactly? so that we don’t create more or other kinds of trouble for ourselves.


At this level, we deal with the actions a person takes within a specific context or environment. This means, what we do. Impulsive behavior, habits and limiting reactions are normal problems here, that affect our relationships and how pleasant our environment is. To do something, we need to be able to act in a different, more resourceful way, which is the next level in the hierarchy: Capacity. The question is…Can we really modify limiting behavior? Here is where a Coach with capital “C” does what others simply can’t.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Einstein). This level includes the ability, strategies and capacities with which we operate in our environments. This means, how we manage to do (or not do) something. When we can’t achieve some goal is because a capacity must be developed. To allow ourselves to try something new, we need to believe it’s possible, that we can and that we deserve what we’re after, which is the next level in the hierarchy: Belief.

Beliefs & Values

What we’re capable of doing depends ultimately on our beliefs and values; the reason why we do what we do. Beliefs are the principles that guide our actions; they determine how we see ourselves, how we react and what meaning we give things. Beliefs grant us permission (or not) to even start trying to do something. Values are what’s most important to us. They ignite intrinsic motivation, which is the most powerful motivation.


Our beliefs and values, together with our life missions and self-image, make our identities; the who behind the why, how, what, when and where. We make our identities as we move through life, always changing, always growing. When our identity is well defined, we can align our beliefs, values, capacities, behaviors and environment to live a congruent life. This is critical to our mental and physical health and to our level of happiness.


Beyond our identity there’s something bigger. For some it’s their family, for others the community, the world, the universe or even God. No matter what it is, when we connect to something bigger than ourselves, we can find purpose; the for whom or for what we are here. Purpose is critical for happiness. Study after study has found a person’s sense of life purpose to be closely connected to virtually all dimensions of health and well-being.

I’ve never had sexual problems in my life before. One day it simply started… I couldn’t perform anymore.

But I new Juan’s abilities and great results when dealing with mental patterns. I knew I had to work it with him again. And it was so simple… 1 long session and a couple of emails.

And when the moment of truth finally came, I was completely there, able to perform again, just like before. I got my confidence back and my sexual life back to normal.


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