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These are some of the many ways in which I help my clients.

Problem Solving

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein also said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and only 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

Most times we don’t really understand our problems, even though we think we do. We stand too close to ourselves to see them clearly and we usually take only our perspective into consideration, therefore missing great part of the big picture.

We also tend to not act in time, which can worsen the problem. And sometimes we act in ways that sustain the problem or make it worse. Real problem-solving requires mental skills that we are not usually taught in life, but they can be easily learned.

The problem is that when we think and talk about our problems we use partial information. Our mind filters much of the original information to simplify the situation and make sense of it. But also when we talk about the problem, we filter again; generalizing, deleting and distorting the actual problem.

The first thing is to make sure we understand the problem. We guide you through a series of powerful questions that bring critical information from the subconscious to your conscious mind. Then we guide you through a process of taking perspectives which makes you understand the positions and objectives of the others involved.

Finally, you will be able to know what to do next, achieving a good solution while minimizing the negative outcomes.

The problem: One of our clients was experiencing a difficult family situation. The problem was that she couldn’t make peace with her father even though she tried in every way she could think of. The father was not collaborating or opening himself to fix the problem. This created a tense family dynamic and a lot of unrest.

The solution: We guided her through a mental journey of perceptual positions, stepping out of her point of view and being able to know and understand not only what the father was going through, but also what he needed from her in order to cooperate. She was also able to see the effect of her ways of communicating on him and realize why she was not succeeding.

The result: She was able not only to know what to say to get to him, but also how and when to do it exactly. This allowed her to create the environment the father needed to feel safe to open up to her. That way, the problem was solved and the family situation improved, which brought much happiness to all of them.

I felt nummed and I couldn’t figure out what the actual problem was. In the most beautiful way Juan guided me trough a magical process of self-realization. He gave me safety when I was most vulnerable. It was a great experience.



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