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Gaining Clarity

“Confusion is always a sign that you are in the path to comprehention.”

Richard Bandler

Many times we are confused about what to do or how to act. Sometimes it is because we don’t have enough information to make a wise decision, but other times it is because we have a lot of information, only not well organized in our minds.

The brain can store incredible amounts of information which we can use to make clear and wise decisions, but the mental strategies we use to organize it will determine how clear we are about something when we retrieve the information from our memory and think about it. It’s just like folders in our computers: how well you organize your documents could save you a lot of time and confusion.

One more way to be unclear about something is when you don’t know what you really want for yourself. If you don’t really know yourself and what’s important for you (but instead see yourself as others define you), then you will always make the right decisions… but for the wrong person!

Whatever it is that you lack clarity on, we first make sure you have enough information available to think clearly. If you don’t, we guide you through a mental process that involves taking different perspectives on time, space and the people involved, which lets you gather critical information for your understanding and decision making.

Sometimes it is more about bringing the subconscious mental strategies you use to think about the topic into your conscious mind, so that we can see if there are possibilities of improvement. We can compare these strategies with the ones you naturally use on topics you are completely clear about. Then we can use your successful strategies on the unclear topic, which brings better understanding and clarity.

The problem: One of our clients was very confused about what to do next in her career. She wanted to find a job she thought could be great for her, but something in her was telling her that there was something wrong about that path. This created anxiety and was draining her energy.   

The solution: We determined that the problem was that she was not honoring her values, she was just looking for a “good” job instead of knowing exactly how to look for a job that would make her really happy. By working on her values and determining what she really wanted, she was able to focus her search and go after her dream job, in her favorite city.

The result: Her motivation went through the roof and gave her the energy and focus to do all the right things to get that dream job. And so she did, on her first try. She is now fulfilling her dream and living a life she created for herself, instead of one that just happened to her.

I was at a point where I did not know what I would do after going back to my country. My life lacked a purpose.

I had just a few sessions with Juan before going back to Brazil, and I found a job just two weeks later. I also started doing volunteer work with underprivileged children, which was something I always wanted to do but always postponed. It brought me so much awareness, happiness and gratitude.

Leticia Garbi

Lawyer, Court of Justice, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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