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Decision Making

“It’s not hard to make a decision once you know what your values are.”

Roy E. Disney

Decision making is one of the most important skills a person could have. It is a key component of emotional intelligence.

We make decisions every day. Even when you don’t act on something, you are making the decision of not acting. Continuing on your life path or tolerating your problems is also a decision you make every day; one that you could easily change if you consciously choose to.

The problem with decision making, like most emotional intelligence skills, is that we were not taught how to actually do it. It requires mental skills that can definitely be learned.

With good decision-making skills, you could take control of your life and how it unfolds. You could save a lot of time, money and energy that we normally loose every day.

Decision making is about having the right information and knowing what to do with it.

First, it’s about knowing yourself. On a very deep level, we are defined by our values, what’s most important for us. If you don’t know what’s important for you and what you want for your life, there is always someone that would be happy to tell you what that is: your boss, your family, your church or society itself.

But it’s also about perspective. Emotions exist to guide us in the right path. The problem is that emotions respond to the quality of the information you have about your options. If you have a pessimistic, scary expectation of what could happen if you quit your job (for instance), your emotions will tell you that that’s not a good option for you. But if instead you are able to objectively foresee the consequences and realize they are at least good, your emotion will be completely different: like motivation.

So we help you know what’s most important for you and teach you how to use your mind to foresee the consequences of your options, therefore making responsible, ecological decisions that will help you create a life you’re happy about, while minimizing the possible negative outcomes.

The problem: A client was confused about what new career path to take. One path promised better financial rewards and was the best choice according to their family. The other path was going to be financially humble, but something inside her kept telling her she would loose too much if she didn’t choose it. She was very confused and frustrated.

The solution: By establishing her values and guiding her through a powerful mental journey where she could see how her life would be in 1, 5, 10 and 20 years, she was able to conclude that the option with better financial benefits was not going to provide real happiness, but a boring life she would not be happy with. On the other hand, the second option proved to be the right choice since it fit all her personal standards and expectations in life. Sometimes fear keeps us considering options that we know are not good for us.

The result: She was immediately sure about what path to take and was more motivated that ever to pursue her passion. Now, the time she wasted every day being indecisive, she can use it to take concrete steps in building her dream life.

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