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Brainstorming about Strategies and Ideas

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

Linus Pauling

Sometimes we just need to generate options, different ways to achieve something. We are usually so close to ourselves that we can’t think clearly, outside the box. More often that we think, our own limiting beliefs about what is possible, what we are capable of doing and what we deserve in life, limit the amount and quality of the ideas we could have. These inner limitations act as a filter to our memory and our imagination.

Having your own coach allows you to pass your ideas through another person’s filters, receiving precious feedback that could help you confirm how good your ideas are or see their downside. But it also allows you to detect limiting mental patterns that slow you down and limit your options.

This way, by investing in 1 or 2 brainstorming sessions, you can gain the perspective you need, which will most likely save you a lot of time and money in the future.

You bring some ideas or options; we provide the mental tools to asses each one in a way that considers all possible outcomes, both negative and positive. This way, you can discard options that will not be ecological for your other goals, your future and other areas of your life, such as your relationships.

We can also guide you trough mental strategies to learn from -and take advantage of- your past experiences, the experiences of people you admire or that have been in your position, and even create new options which you would have normally never thought of.

The problem: One of our clients had little time to finish a project and he was worried about not finishing in time, which would have had a negative impact on his career. He had no idea how to meet the deadline.

The solution: We analyzed his daily routines, finding many non-important activities that were consuming precious time. We also found many attention killers that were affecting his productivity, like people coming in and out his office to interrupt him, and the disposition of his desk facing the window which called his attention whenever something moved outside. We brainstormed ideas on how to overcome all these limitations, therefore freeing lots of time to work on the project. We also trained him in the skills and habits of highly productive people, which accelerated his progress even more.

The result: His productivity went up and he finished the project on time. This was good not only for his career but provided a reason to feel proud, it was a confident booster. Now, his perception of himself is better and that of course improved his chances of success in any future endeavour.

In just a few sessions, we put together a clear plan to improve my financial situation. I also learned how to use my mind in new ways to make my goals happen. A few weeks later I got a promotion, my salary increased and I still work every day with optimism to achieve my dreams.

Bernardita Maturana

Marketing Manager, TelePizza, Chile

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