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Creating a Supportive Environment around you

“The task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you.”

We all need support in life, specially in the difficult times when life tests us.

Both when you have a big goal and in life in general, creating a supportive environment can be the difference between failing and succeeding. It is in our moments of weakness when we are not able to clearly see problems as they are and our great capacity to overcome them. So counting with a supportive environment is key to attain the lives we want for ourselves.

Creating more support can be both about getting people on board with your goals or just changing someone’s unsupporting attitude and predisposition, so that they can stop limiting you in your pursuits.

Getting support is all about learning how to communicate better; letting others know who you are, what you need and what you expect from them.

We help you define what kind of support you need, whether it’s specific for a goal you are pursuing or for your life in general. Then we guide you through a mental process to learn about what the others need from you to actually give you the support you need from them. You have all the information you need for this stored in your unconscious mind, we just help you access it and use it wisely.

We finally make a plan on how to put the new learnings into practice, to actually make that happen.

The problem: A man was worried about his new life project and how much focus and time it demanded from him. This was indeed affecting his family and he knew that very well. He could feel his wife’s feelings about it and we would spend much of his time worrying about how he could be more present and helpful, instead of actually focusing and being productive. He needed his family’s support in those difficult first stages of his project.

The solution: We helped him see how not talking to his wife was not helping and was even making things worse. We also helped him learn about what his family needed and what was the best way to approach the problem.

The result: He was relieved to see how simply this could be resolved. He talked to his wife and was happy to see how she was grateful for the fact that he trusted her and was honest about his feelings. She stopped feeling bad about the situation and gave him all the space and emotional support he needed, which allowed him to finish his project very focused and motivated.

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