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Creating Happiness

“It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy, what makes happiness.”

Charles Spurgeon

Research shows that people are no happier now than half a century ago. The level of material comfort we have today is equivalent to how the top 5% lived 50 years ago, yet people are not any happier. Research also shows that our circumstances -things like a high income, a bigger home and even beauty- only account for 10% of what really make us happy.

Science has finally proven that the key for happiness resides in the actual things we do and the way we use our mind. And that skill can be learned.

But there is one source of unhappiness that people almost don’t talk about: Our own mental programs; negative thoughts and memories that make us dwell about the past, pessimistic use of our imagination that make us worry about the future and limiting beliefs and habits that keep us trapped. These psychological threats pull our mind inwards into a default mode, wandering superficially among the “open files”  that call for resolution. This not only generates our negative states such as stress, guilt, shame, regret, anger, fear and anxiety, but it also keep us from really enjoying the present moment and all the good things that we do have.

So we approach your happiness in three ways:

1. We help you bring resolution to the “open files” that imprison your mind and create so much unhappiness, so that you can have more freedom to focus on what really matters and makes you happy.

2. We help you aim in the right direction, setting new and better goals; goals that consider the latest scientific research there is on happiness.

3. And we help you get there in the right way, showing you how to use your mind in the most effective way possible, so that you feel highly confident and motivated while working towards your most cherished goals; because you can reprogram yourself to think, feel, act and react the way you choose to.

The problem: In this case, a client with diagnosed depression once agreed to try NLP with us. She didn’t consider herself very happy due to poor self-image. Many other subconscious processes also kept her from having a happy, passionate life.

The solution: We worked on a couple of things with her. But the one that was critical and had the biggest impact on her psychology was fixing her self-esteem issue. Some events from her childhood involving nutritionists and her mother, created a series of beliefs about herself that limited her happiness forever.  We changed the way the memories were coded in her brain so that she could take new and better conclusions about life and herself.

The result: Her self-esteem improved significantly, but she was also able for the first time in decades to see her mother with compassion instead of anger. Their relationship took a positive turn and they got closer because of it. Today she feels happier and lighter.

Coaching by Juan can help everyone take control over their thinking and behaviour, making your life easier, happier and healthier. He even managed to help a sceptic like me!

Aline Schraner


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