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Achieving an Important Goal in the Future

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

Everyone has dreams and wishes, but to have the life we want we need to set clear goals and plans to achieve them. This is living strategically. Statistics show that only 5% of people think strategically, meaning that the rest of us goes through life being actors in other people’s plays.

We are not taught to establish well-formed goals at school or at home. But without them, we either stay paralyzed where we are or keep ourselves busy with unlimited activities that take us nowhere and will waste our time and energy. A well-formed goal will generate the motivation needed to keep us moving till we get there, because it uses more of our mind’s capacity and potential.

We created a session model inspired on the best available techniques and methodologies in the world of Coaching and NLP, and refined it to get you results, every time. This model tackles most -if not all- of the problems that could get between you and what you want. We take into consideration what you want, but also the how, why, where, when and with whom.

We make sure you have the resources you need to achieve your goal and to overcome any limitation that could get in your way. This way we make sure your goals not only have the inner power to move you but also a clear plan to get you there in an ecological way, not negatively affecting other areas of your life.

You can read more about our coaching process here.

The problem: A Yoga Teacher and Therapist once came to us because she really wanted to have her own business, in her own studio. Of course the goal seemed like a mountain for her so she never did anything to achieve it. But staying in the same situation was eating her from the inside. She needed to pursue her passion.

The solution: How do you climb a mountain? You need to want to do it, you need a plan, you need the skills and the equipment to do it, but you also just climb one step at the time. If you don’t meet these requirements either you will never do it or, if you try, you’re likely to fail. So we coached her on how to set goals correctly from the beginning. We then helped her create a solid plan to achieve her goals. At first she had no idea what steps to take, but we showed her a very creative way to use her mind to figure out the necessary steps she could -and most probably would- take.

The result: This process showed her how much there was to be done, how big the mountain was. But it was now clear, which gave her the motivation she needed to start, one step at the time. It was a long term goal, but she is working happily towards it, with complete confidence that she not only deserves it but also that she is capable of doing it. And that is much more that most people can say.

In just a few sessions, we put together a clear plan to improve my financial situation. I also learned how to use my mind in new ways to make my goals happen. A few weeks later I got a promotion, my salary increased and I still work every day with optimism to achieve my dreams.

Juan Ignacio is a person who truly believes in what he does, which is essential to pass on his knowledge others.

Bernardita Maturana

Marketing Manager, TelePizza, Chile

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