My own personal fight
Having had a very fast growing professional career, I faced two major crisis that changed my  understanding of life dramatically. First, a health crisis. I was sick almost every week. The symptoms? there were many, but the cause was only one. I am talking about the same thing that causes most diseases nowadays and which creates most of our unhappiness… stress. My body and mind were telling me that something was not right; until one day, a very respected neurologist recognized in me the pattern that has so many of us creating and perpetuating the so pervasive stress: Our life priorities and our way of thinking. He helped me assess my priorities and suggested that I’d do yoga for the rest of my life… Who would have thought a neurologist would say such a thing, right? But so I did, and my life changed forever. Only years later did I realize he was basically… well, coaching me. Then the second crisis hit me, an existential one (“thanks” doc!). I found myself endlessly assessing my life, wondering about who I really was and about my purpose in life. So after months of introspection and meditation, the way I perceived myself and this world started to shift from an individualistic, self-involved perspective to one that sees everything and everyone as part of something greater. This gave me an awareness of the needs of others, which in turn ignited a passion to help people create all the happiness we all deserve.
Changing directions
This deep process of self-discovery and pursuit of balance in life has given me great personal power; it has given me the ability to know what’s good for me and to live from a place of integrity, which is the solid foundation on which I create a life full of happiness for me and for others; one that doesn’t falter easily under the swings of life’s challenges. And I want that for you too! So I made a choice; to devote my life to working with people and help them enhance the way they experience life; to help them master the way they use their minds. Because happiness is simply a state of mind, which depends on what’s in it moment after moment. If you control that, you have the key to happiness and no one can take it away from you.

My personal statement

Fear and stress should not run your life and I’d love to teach you the skills to master the art of happiness. Life is too short and wonderful to just feel fine. You can -and should- have a life you truly enjoy; a life you’re proud of. And I’d love to help you have that.

I envision a thriving world, where people are happy, living to their full potential and in perfect balance with nature and their peers. I strive to raise humanity into a higher awareness of themselves and their role in the creation of such a world.

Juan Ignacio Campoo

Professional experience

Juan has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and developed his career mainly as a sales manager in the mining industry in Latin America. Since then, he has obtained several degrees that allowed him to help others create a life of happiness and passion, which include:



  • International Coaching Certification, ICC and EMCC
  • Team Coaching Certification, ICC and EMCC (in progress)
  • International Certification in Corporate Development through Coaching, EMCC (in progress)


  • NLP Practitioner Training, Chilean Society of NLP.
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, Global NLP Training, Netherlands (Inemla).
  • Life Coach Certification, Global NLP Training, Netherlands (Inemla).
  • Motivational Coach Certification, Global NLP Training, Netherlands (Inemla).
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach, Global NLP Training, Netherlands (Inemla).

2013 -2014

  • Yoga Teacher (Integral and Nidra Yoga), Sakhyam, Chile.


  • Life Coach Certification, UK OpenLearning, Great Britain (NCFE).

All this training, together with years of experience helping people, makes him a specialist in handling emotional and mental states, and in the attainment of people’s and companies’ goals.


I have seen his dedication, deep respect and connection with people to whom I have recommended him as coach. The results he has achieved are beyond what is usually expected in coaching. I could see his greatness as a person and I am grateful for his constant generosity.

I recommend Juan for both entrepreneurs and people looking for a vital boost, as well as for high level management clients.

Daniel Alvarez Lamas

Former BBVA Regional Director | Founder, Ben Pensante Institute, Spain

“I highlight Juan’s command of NLP. He is creative in its application and he utilizes his own style, not just following recipies.”
Alan Frenk

Director & Founder, Chilean Society of NLP

“As Juan’s Coaching Certification and NLP trainer, I found him an extremely passionate and dedicated coach and NLP Master Practitioner. He always seeks to go one level deeper, is extremely thorough, and leaves not a single stone unturned to get the results he aims for. He always strives for excellence in anything he sets out to do for himself as well as others. Juan traveled internationally to learn one of the most advanced skill sets and coaching methodologies currently available, showing example of his true dedication to the profession.”
Nicole Schneider

Director & Founder, Global NLP Training

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