Lately I have realized how often people ask me about fulfillment or life satisfaction. Whether it is on social gatherings, questions from online followers or my coaching clients, I was surprised by how many people don’t feel satisfied with their lives.

They don’t feel fulfilled, even though they have progressed so much in life and have things that more than 90% of the world population would only dare to dream about. So why are they feelings this?

Unfortunately, since we were young, we were programmed to believe that the things that would make us happy are out there to be pursued, chased, purchased and consumed. We were taught somehow that happiness and satisfaction are out there somewhere and that we need to buy, shop and eat our ways into fulfillment.

I was a victim of this myself. I had an existential crisis at 24 years old, when after years of rapid career growth and success, I found myself enjoying every possible thing I could think of: trips to exotic places, cars, parties, my own apartment, great food in fancy restaurants and a very busy social life. It seems that we now have access to all of the things our parents got after decades of hard work and savings (if they ever did).


Are we living an early mid-life crisis?

This fast way of experiencing life is, in my opinion, causing us to live the famous mid-life crisis in our 20’s ad 30’s. Young professionals feel a void when the moment comes to shut down their laptops and there is no music or TV to keep the mind busy. This void is awful so they do anything to avoid it, only postponing thinking about the true problem.

In the next short video I talk some more about how we are basically chasing rainbows and how fulfillment is something that has always been, is and will be in our hands.


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