Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship in which the Coach gives your teenager the inspiration needed to create the life they want, through honest and purposeful conversations. The Coach helps them break their limmitations and establish motivating and challenging aspirations.

What is NLP Coaching?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the art and science of human excellence. It takes coaching to a whole new level, allowing for faster and more effective change. It is a pragmatic school of thought, with the main purpose of making explicit models of human excellence by understanding the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior.

Your NLP Coach will be able to help your teenager change in all levels of human experience, more effectively and faster than a conventional coach or therapist. You can learn more about NLP Coaching here.

What makes us unique and what is a Coaching session like?

We created a session model inspired on the best available techiques and methodologies in the world of Coaching and NLP, and refined it to get results, every time. You can read more about this model here.

We also count with more options for those teenagers living outside the Netherlands or who simply want to learn valuable life skills. You can check out out Online Courses here.

What is the language used in the sessions?

Sessions will take place either in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

How long is a Coaching session?

A Coaching session with us usually takes between 50 and 75 minutes, depending on the path the session takes.

What are some typical reasons you would want to get a Coach for your teenager?

There are many reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your teenager has emotional issues that neither you or them know how to handle
  • Demotivation, unhappiness, low energy, sadness, anxiety and other feelings that are limiting the teenager or causing problems in the family
  • Attitudes and behaviors that create relationship problems
  • There’s a desire to accelerate results
  • There’s a lack of clarity with choices to be made
  • There are some problems that need to be solved
How long does a Coach work with a person?

The length of a coaching relatioship varies depending on the teenager’s needs and preferences. For certain types of focused coaching, 1 to 3 sessions could be enough. Usually, and depending on the topic, a 4 to 10 session program would allow for outstanding change and achieving difficult goals.

Factors that may impact the length of time include: the types of goals, the ways individuals or teams prefer to work, the frequency of coaching meetings and financial resources available to support coaching.

Where does the coaching take place?

If you live in Amsterdam, or happen to be here with your teenager, Coaching sessions take place in Het Coach Huis (The Coach House). The specific office location may change based on office availability. The most used locations are:

Van Eeghenlaan 27 (Vondelpark)
IJsbaanpad 9
If it it’s a nice day, we can also decide to have the sessions outside, enjoying the fresh air and the daylight as we walk and work on your teenager’s needs.
How can we coach your teenager if you don't live in Amsterdam?

That’s not a problem. Coaching can also take place via Skype. You just need to have a good reliable internet connection. We can also do it on the phone, although it is more difficult for the coach to get a good idea of how your teenager is thinking at any given moment. So that is our last resort.

Have more questions?

Get your complimentary coaching call to determine if coaching is what you need right now and answer any more questions.

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