Terms and Conditions

For individuals

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual agreement between Happiness Coaching Studio and the client, who agrees to be bound by this agreement.


Nature of services

The coaching services offered by Happiness Coaching Studio entail an ongoing relationship between the Coach and the Client (the “Coaching”). Though the Coaching may vary based on the Client’s needs and progression, the nature of the Coaching shall generally encompass the following:

Weekly meetings, lasting 50-70 minutes apiece, mainly virtually via Zoom video-conference. 


Questionnaires and forms

Prior to the first meeting between the coach and the client, he/she shall complete an online questionnaire, which allows the coach to know the client better and be better prepared to provide coaching in a more personalized way. This will also save precious time during the meeting, which will allow the client to use this time in the most productive way possible. This questionnaire will be sent as a link in the appointment confirmation email. If you have already completed this before, you can dismiss it.

Once the coaching relationship started, before every new meeting, the client shall complete a brief preparation form which shall act as a road map for the discussion; this will also save precious time during the meeting and increase its productivity. 


Cancellation or changes in appointments

Should an unforeseen event require cancellation, the Client must do so at the “My Account” page at www.HappinessCoachingStudio.com. Should the client need to modify the time of the appointment, he/she has to cancel the appointment and then make a new booking in the “Booking” page at www.HappinessCoachingStudio.com.

Any changes must take place at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled time the session is set to begin, otherwise the appointment shall be deemed forfeited and shall not be subject to a refund. The same applies if the appointment does not take place because of an error with the Client’s equipment (e.g., computer, telephone, etc).

It is possible, however, for the client to request a change in the appointment (not a cancellation) during that 24 period, through the contact form in our website or directly contacting us at Info@HappinessCoachingStudio.com. However, there is no guarantee that a coaching room will be available at the client’s prefered location and we reserve the right to accept that change.



Each Coaching session must be paid for in full during the booking process in the “Booking” page at www.HappinessCoachingStudio.com. The payment has to be cleared in our bank account for the appointment to be confirmed.



Sessions normaly take place virtually through Zoom video-conference systems. Eventually, the Coach and Coachee can agree to meet in person in one of our 2 locations in Amsterdam or in Hilversum, the Netherlands, if the coach thinks it’s important for the success of a specific coaching topic.


Acknowledgements and agreements

The Client understands, acknowledges, and agrees to the following regarding the Coaching:

  • The Coaching is designed to help mentally and physically healthy people. Any person with a serious mental or physical issue should seek the advice of a doctor or psychiatrist.
  • This type of Coaching is not therapy – to reiterate the previous point, the Client should seek the advice of a doctor or psychiatrist if his or her condition dictates.
  • The Coach may refer the Client to professionals if, in the Coach’s best judgment, it will be beneficial toward the Client’s success and growth.
  • Success is heavily dependent on the Client committing to and following the program laid out by the coach. Coaching services like those contemplated in this Agreement are only effective if the Client is motivated and committed. The Client benefits best from an honest relationship with the Coach. Cooperation and an open mind are paramount to the Client’s success.
  • The Coach’s expertise is limited to the nature of the Coaching. The Coach is not qualified to give the Client any business, financial, or other advice.
  • The Client understands the nature of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) programs.
  • The relationship between the Coach and the Client is a professional one, beyond that of a friendship, and the nature of the relationship should be maintained throughout the Coaching.
  • If any third party should make payments to the Coach on behalf of the Client, the Coach shall still act with only the Client’s best interests in mind. The party making said payments shall have no bearing on the judgment of the Coach in performing services and the Coach shall be obligated to nobody except for the Client.
  • Should the Client choose to alter or cease any treatments, therapy, or medication, the Client should do so solely at the advice of the professional administering such treatments, therapy, or medication. Coaching is not designed to act as a replacement for such things.
  • The Coach may elect to record Coaching sessions with the informed consent of the Client.


Representations and warranties

The Coach represents and warrants the following with regard to the Coaching:

  • The Coach is committed to offering the Coaching to the best of his/her knowledge and with the utmost integrity.
  • The Coach shall offer the Coaching to the best of his/her ability, based on the information provided by the Client.
  • The Coach shall abide by the associated Confidentiality terms expressed in this page.
  • Should the Coach feel that coaching tools outside the scope of NLP be beneficial for use with the Client, the Coach may introduce those tools only with the approval of the Client.
  • The Coach shall take any reasonable methods to ensure the protection of any audio, video, or written notes. Measures to protect such information may include physical locks or password protection on digital files.


Release of liability

The client releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to take any form of legal action against Happiness Coaching Studio or any of its coaches, in connection with any cause of action stemming from the coaching services, should such an event occur during or after said coaching services as a direct or indirect cause of either the Coach or any other third party’s actions. This limitation does not release the Coach -but not Happiness Coaching Studio- from any cause of action stemming from the Coach’s negligence or intentional tort.



“Confidential Information” means information which relates to the Client or any other party, which information has been disclosed to the Coach by the Client or any other party during the course of the coaching services offered by the Coach.

Happiness Coaching Studio shall not use or disclose, directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information during the period in which he/she is offering coaching services to the Client and indefinitely thereafter.

The above will not be deemed to prohibit any disclosure that is either agreed in writing by the Client, or required by law or court order, provided that Happiness Coaching Studio has not intentionally taken actions to trigger such required disclosure and, so long as not prohibited by any applicable law or regulation, the Client is given reasonable prior notice and an opportunity to contest or minimize such disclosure.

The client agrees to never disclose, copy or profit from any information, images, tools, ideas and documents, provided by Happiness Coaching Studio, either directly or indirectly. Such information shall only be used by the client for his/her own personal development and wellbeing.

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