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Happiness Coaching Studio is a coaching company, born to address the most fundamental motivation of any human being -what Aristotle called “the whole aim and end of human existence”: Happiness.  
What is happiness after all?
People talk about the “Pursuit of Happiness”, but that is exactly why happiness is so difficult to achieve- and even when we do, it seems to fade faster than we’d like. Happiness is not something we attain; it is not somewhere we arrive. The more you “pursue” happiness, the less you’ll find it. Why?, because happiness is -and always has been- within ourselves; we just need to come back to it; to that natural state that is happiness. Happiness is simply a state of mind; a way of perceiving and approaching ourselves and the world in which we reside. And just like our mental health, our happiness tomorrow depends on the quality of our thoughts and actions today. Therefore we need to rewire (or “right-wire”) our brains, tuning ourselves to happiness. And that’s exactly what we do at Happiness Coaching Studio. Learn more about happiness and our approach here.  
How can we help you be happier?
Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP is the art and science of human excellence. It’s about reprogramming your mind to think, feel, act and react in the way you choose. Through the power of NLP, we help you bring resolution to the “open files” that imprison your mind and create unhappiness, so you have more freedom to focus on what really matters and makes you happy. We also help you refine the way you perceive your circumstances, allowing you to feel better about what you have and what’s going on in your life.   Coaching Like with anything else in life, sometimes we need help from specialists to help us deal with what we are not good at. Well, none of us was tough in school how to be happy or how to use our minds more effectively; which is where a life coach enters the picture. A coach is there to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. He helps you tackle most -if not all- of the problems that could get between you and what you want. Whether it’s a lack of solid goal foundations, lack of planning, lack of resources or just inner or outer obstacles, we are there to support you. You bring your goal, we bring the methodologies you need to make things happen.   The wisdom of Yoga Usually confused with a sophisticated physical practice, yoga is much more than that. This ancient philosophy provides a wide array of effective tools to voluntarily managing our nervous system and therefore our emotions and thoughts, giving us control over our mental states. We incorporate some of these tools whenever it’s needed.   So we combine these bodies of knowledge to help you use your mind in the most effective way, bringing change and happiness into your life, solving the problems that keep you up at night and achieving your most cherished goals.  
How we see you, that’s what makes the difference

Human beings are tremendously complex organisms, yet most professionals focus on specific parts of us to help us change, dangerously and naively disregarding the other parts that make us who we are.

  • Thoughts: psychologists focus here.
  • Emotions: psychologists, our family and friends try to help us here.
  • Body: doctors and physical trainers focus here.

We could even add spirituality to the equation, which is usually taken care of by our churches or spiritual books.

These are so interrelated that you cannot separate them and achieve real lasting change. We honor and take care all of these parts of you when we coach you.


“Life is too short and wonderful to just feel fine. You can -and should- have a life you truly enjoy; a life you’re proud of. If you feel that that’s something you want, we would be happy to help you.”


Juan Ignacio Campoo

Get to know the founder. Read his personal statement here.

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